Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Himalaya Vaas :Second Homes near Tehri Lake

In last 50 years, the great Indian dream to own a home has undergone a fair amount of change. Sometimes after cars of luxury segment and smartphones it becomes the regular part of even the middle income group’s life. Now days it’s fashionable trend to own a second home in hills as a vacation home, so that anytime you can go on holiday to enjoy the life away from professional life. On hills you can easily find the cottages on the lakeside, huts on the beaches (if place is near to sea) and the cabins in the mountains because people love to live in these places to enjoy the life in the lap of nature. 

If you have second home in these places, so on the same time you can also earn the money by renting your cottage or second home to earn an extra money. It’s difficult to invest in property because of huge involvement of money, but in India if you want to earn money, so nothing is better than real estate market. Second home can be terrible financial burden, but no doubt it will provide good return in future and will allow to enjoy your life in peaceful location where you can feel the spirituality in your soul. 

Himalaya Vaas- Second Home

Tips for Second Home buyers:

If you are going to buy second home for the purpose of renting it to earn money, so location should be your prime preference and in absence of property agents or repair agencies in those location you will be responsible for any kind of repairs, so make sure you can do it before renting it. And if you are opting second home to enjoy your life, than security of home should be your main focus because you are not going to live there for all time, so in that case you can appoint security guard to protect your property. 

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